Ahoge Red


After catching the attention of Master Ahoge, she was chosen as our heroine to walk the path of the ahoge. She continued her search for enlightenment day after day by the riverbed, and cultivated a splendid ahoge that was said to have “the bend of a young bamboo shoot” and “the curved spring of a shrimp.” Her personality is rather frank and stoic... Yet also very radical! Her hobby is cosplay... Though her costumes seem like something an old dude would pick out!

Master Ahoge


He was once well known as one of the “Super Hair Brothers”, but there was a sibling quarrel after a certain incident, and he withdrew from that role. Filled with despair, at one point he lived simply wandering from one place to the next. However, after meeting a certain woman, he resolved to dedicating the rest of his life to spreading the way of the ahoge.... or something like that. Now he has focused his efforts by establishing a gym under Sunset Bridge, cultivating young ahoge sprouts.

With such strong enemies in the way...Who could be the last one waiting at the end of the path of the ahoge!?

..........LOOK HERE TOO, OK?

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Title Ahoge Chanbara
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